Complete your healthy kitchen

Complete your healthy kitchen with our premium PFAS-free kitchen appliances. Enjoy more possibilities, more taste and more free time!

  • PFAS-free Thermolon™ Volt ceramic non-stick coating
  • High-tech design & high-quality materials
  • The right temperature and cooking time at the push of a button
  • Versatile & easy to use

Powerhouse in your kitchen

We help you cook healthy every day with our PFAS-free pans. Now it's time to make your entire kitchen PFAS-free! Based on our years of experience and technical know-how, we have developed a new generation of premium kitchen appliances. They have a unique Thermolon™ Volt ceramic non-stick coating without harmful PFAS chemicals. Cooking is now easier, faster and healthier. Dive into a world full of flavour, without PFAS! 

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One pan that can do it all!

Omni cooker

One pan, endless possibilities! This 10-in-1 kitchen appliance prepares a wide range of dishes in no time at all, while you enjoy some extra free time. 

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For dishes bursting with flavour

Slow cooker

Slow-cooked dishes that are full of flavour? You can make them in our slow cooker. Fry your ingredients first and then let them simmer for hours without looking back. 

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For fast-food lovers

Contact grill

Crispy croques, tasty hamburgers, perfectly grilled vegetables or meat. You can prepare them quickly with our contact grill. Feel like gourmet or teppanyaki? Then open the contact grill all the way! 

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