Save Time

Saving time in the kitchen?

Discover our smart tips to make
your life easier

Whether you are a qualified master chef or opt for easy dishes, sometimes you simply don't have
time for an elaborate cooking session.

Our tips will save you time!

Tip 1: Shopping list

Start with a good old shopping list. Before you head to the store, check your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Or even better: hang a list in the kitchen and note down what is running low. By doing so, your shopping list will grow naturally over the week.

Tip 2: Weekly menu

Create a menu each week. Once a week, take the time to decide what you will eat in the week to come. This way, you can add variety and avoid last-minute stress at the supermarket.

Tip 3: Preparation

Chopping and slicing all those vegetables is quite a time-consuming job. Cut your vegetables in advance, in large quantities, and have them ready in the fridge. Still not fast enough? Choose pre-cut vegetables from the fridge or freezer. Besides, the smaller you cut or chop vegetables, the faster they will be cooked.

Tip 4: Keep it simple

Make sure that the three food groups are present at every meal: proteins (legumes, meat substitutes, fish, eggs, cheese, meat), good carbohydrates (wholemeal pasta, rice, bread, potatoes,...) and lots of vegetables. Create tasty combinations, season well and you have a quick and healthy meal.

Tip 5: Meal prepping

One-pot meals like lasagne, pasta sauce, soup or casseroles can be made in large portions. Preparing eight portions instead of four won't take much more time comparatively. One serving for today, a few portions into the fridge or freezer, and voila: cooking time saved!

Tip 6: For once, keep a lid on it

Cooking with the lid covering the casserole saves time. Since the heat cannot escape, the water boils faster. You can of course also use a lid on a sauté pan or frying pan to cook your food faster.