Smart design

Our most sustainable pans

Helping build a greener future is what drives us. Our focus on the environment has been embedded in our story since day one. We are continuously innovating the reduce our impact on the planet. Our most durable ranges to date are proof of this: Eco-Smartshape, One Five and Evolution.


No, we didn’t forget to attach the handle! These pans are deliberately designed this way. Their smart design means they fit in smaller packaging, making them more compact for transport and easy to recycle. What’s more, the pans contain at least 65% recycled aluminium.

The only thing you have to do is attach the handle to the pan yourself. A piece of cake! This is how we contribute to a healthier planet together.

Build a clever pan in 4 steps


  • Step 1

    Place the
    small ring on the bolt

  • Step 2

    Insert the
    bolt into the handle

  • Step 3

    Slide the
    handle onto the pan

  • Step 4

    Tighten the
    bolt firmly with the allen key (included)


Our product team developed a box that is 60% smaller* and helps us to reduce our carbon emissions. Like our non-stick coating, this new box does not contain plastic. The pan parts and assembly tools are packed in a box made from recycled cardboard with cardboard inserts.

*Compared to other GreenPan packaging


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